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Abi Mandeville Sports Therapist
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 by Josie
Friendly and relaxing

Abi is a fantastic massage therapist - she was thorough and perceptive in her pre-treatment assessment. She instantly put me at ease and the massage was wonderful - relaxing while also easing the stiffness in my shoulder, which is why I visited her. I recommend her to anyone looking for a relaxed, sage and friendly massage therapist!

 by Laura
Sport's Massage

Abi is a miracle worker - can not recommend her enough!

From the moment you meet with Abi, she takes the time to understand your situation and makes you feel very comfortable.

Her down to earth nature is a wonderful bonus - especially if you are feeling a little apprehensive.

Her massage abilities are wonderful - from the first session, you can already the feel benefits.

Most wonderfully, Abi also come's up with plans and exercises to help in everyday life - providing that full care at all times for you and your back issues 🙂

Again - highly recommend!!

 by Raggy
Torn calf muscle

I’ve been seeing Abbie for years at first through rugby and now old age , she’s brilliant very professional, after two visits and a list of stretching exercises I was healed . I can highly recommend her .

 by Catherine
Sorted all my general aches and pains

I see Abi every couple of months to help with shoulder, neck & back pain from too much computer work and poor posture.

I always come out feeling renewed and refreshed….and I sleep so much better afterwards.

I’d recommend her not just for specific sporting injuries but also general aches and pains caused by life in general!

 by Vincent Bott
Back problems

My back had started to lock up to the point i could not

even put my socks on ...

After seeing abi I regained most of my normal range of movement

and by the second visit i was back to fully streching out and running


Thanks Abi 👌

 by Mary
Brilliant for non athletes too

I’m over 60, unfit and overweight but I was assured Abi would put me at ease and work miracles on my knotted back and shoulders. She did, she’s warm welcoming and hugely knowledgeable and the difference after just one session was amazing and I’m able to enjoy working in the garden again without my shoulders immediately stiffening up.

Two sessions in and it’s brilliant not to have that stiffness and Abi is now an essential date in my diary every 6 weeks.

 by Emma
Works wonders

Abi is brilliant. Highly recommend. Without any hesitation. My shoulder works, it didnt.

 by Lou Evans
At last...

I've had a frozen shoulder for years, had lots of massages.

Was recommended Abi so thought why not........

seriously one massage and shoulder is completely sorted, incredible!

I've been going every 2 weeks ever since, it's amazing.

Abi is such a friendly, calm and kind person... inside and out.

Thank you so much xx

 by Martin
Simple The Best

I have been visiting Abi for a couple of years now and it came from when she visited RND golf club and was kind enough to come to one of our team coaching sessions and gave a talk on the best way for us to be fit for golf and took us through a number of stretching exercises as well as looking after the muscle groups that we use in golf. After this we were welcomed to making an appointment to have a sports massage to keep ourselves injury free or take care of any aches and pains and movement limitations. For those of you that may think its loads of candles and sweet smelling aromatherapy oils with soft music then think again.

Being on the wrong side of 50 and office based i genuinely cannot think of a better tonic than letting Abi massage you. My whole body benefits from all the stresses,strains and tension that builds up all week from the general hassles of everyday living. The next day after a massage i feel totally ready for anything. I have had massages from all over the world when travelling and she is no.1.

Book an appointment and you will not be disappointed,the more you go the better you will feel. My golf handicap has improved by 5 shots also just by feeling that little more relaxed and injury free. Thanks for all you have done for me Abi.

 by Age
Abi Mandeville Sports Therapist

I was referred to Abi by my GP, who had also used her services, when medication just wasn't working on a lower back problem, after an initial consultation and massage, a couple of follow up sessions I was pain and medication free. Abi has also sorted out trapped nerves in my shoulders.

I highly recommend her services!

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